Green Parade in L.I.C.

David Bromley, 10.14.10 | Nancy Rakoczy

Sporting a blue gown made from recycled plastic bags, artist Nancy Rakoczy led a “green” march from Local Project to the Queens Court-house in support of the new bill that expands plastics recycling. Other participants marched down Jackson Avenue in costumes made from recycled caution tape, checkered table cloths, and various recycled plastic.

Take a peek at the video from October 2nd. The work is quite time consuming; Nancy says it takes long periods of time to cut the plastic and weave. Think how long it takes to knit a scarf? Try doing that with strips of recycled plastic. The exhibition is up through October 16th at Local Project Gallery.

Nancy Rakoczy, is a 2010 recipient of an Individual Artists Initiative grant from Queens Council on the Arts.

For more info on this project go to Nancy’s web site. The project cut discarded plastic bags into strips, and then wove them on a giant loom. These weavings are then transformed into a flower, plant, insect or some urban shape that suggests the environmental conflicts in our city. Queens’ neighborhoods have gotten involved in this weaving in or Living in Kew Gardens have contributed to the project by weaving and crocheting the discarded plastic.

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